Living the fermentation good life in Crystal Palace @4hundredrabbits 🐇

Last night we got to experience @4hundredrabbits in Crystal Palace, one of South East London Journals top reviewed pizza joints.

The pizza here is DELICIOUS!!! We went for the Ibérico chorizo and ground aged Hereford beef. 🐄 The seasonal local toppings in these two pizzas compliment each other: a cheesy, tomato, meaty, chilli infused taste explosion on top, mixed with a base that has a slight sourdough tang and a texture that is light and chewy – tasty!

The base is made from sourdough, organic white and rye flour, kneaded and fermented for approximately 48 hours and cooked at around 400 degrees in a very attractive – I want one in my garden – wood fired oven.  This particular method is part of the reason that this place is called 400Rabbits…. 👀⏬ They offer a gluten free option so be sure to ask for that.


  • Pizza tastiness – 9/10👌👌🍕🍕🍕🍕😁
  • Staff – 7/10😌🆗 Felt a little rushed to order…
  • Decor and vibe – 8/10🆒
  • Drinks – 8/10 lots of independent local craft beers, there were a few pages of drinks to choose from, may be too many, but we had drunk an Old Fashioned prior to this so focussing wasn’t our best asset. Would have liked to see more wine choices.  However, @SELondonBlog is a firm supporter of local independent breweries and we love the passion and story behind this place – read more below….. 🍺🍻🍸
  • Watch outs – if they are ram jammed and ask you to come back and will call you, keep an eye on time as when we got called back we were rushed to order due to closing time. Always worth popping your head around the door to check, anyway there’s a fair few great pubs in Crystal Palace so go wild….

Wanna know why the place is called 400Rabbits? Here’s what they say on the website… 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇
‘We love fermentation. The Aztecs also revered the process and worshipped both a goddess of alcohol and a god that discovered fermentation. According to aztec folklore these two got it together one night and created many offspring known as the 400 rabbit gods or centzon totochtin. These rabbit gods lived the good life, constantly going to parties and getting into mischief, alcohol was involved more often than not. At Four Hundred Rabbits we celebrate fermentation and two of the best things it has given us, pizza and beer. We think eating and drinking with friends and family should always be fun, and about good times. Much like the 400 rabbit gods did.’ (Ref

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