#SpotlightOn Artist Yvette Miller

Excited to welcome back the #SpotlightOn artist feature with the talented geometric abstract artist Yvette Miller, read about her mission to create a new narrative for Christian art and her inspirations; #BraveArt #FridaKhalo and her dad… #SELondonBlog #SupportLocalArtists … More #SpotlightOn Artist Yvette Miller

#SpotlightOn Artist Andrew McIntosh, ‘I Saw This Coming’

Andrew McIntosh is a British artist whose new body of work re-contextualises derelict buildings in south east London, drawing on his ongoing interest in the political dispute between artists and the inevitable developments of the property market. As a fan of Urban Decay and Derelict Art, one favourite artist being J Bennett Fitts,  I was keen … More #SpotlightOn Artist Andrew McIntosh, ‘I Saw This Coming’