Peckham Festival 2021

Interview with the founders of Peckham Festival.

It’s all about @peckhamfestival this weekend and we are super excited 😎 to be here this weekend and to have met the team and interview founder Tim Wilson and producer Jules Hill and the brilliant ‘make it happen’ Zoe Odetunde – check out the interview on our #IGTV channel (sound is slightly distorted as it’s a busy bustling day here)… Let’s welcome back this brilliant festival celebrating #se15 culture and creativity. Over 70 artists and creatives have opened up their studios so you can go in and see their work. #madeinpeckham Check these guys out for yourself tonight is jam packed with so many events music and arts and it continues tomorrow #music #art #culture #spokenword #drag #DJs #southlondon #yoga #workshops #drumming #peckhamfestival #selondon

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