Skate Skills at South London’s Skate School….

South London based started offering group skateboard lessons at the newly built Charlton Skatepark in late 2017. Last year they expanded to Folkestone Gardens skatepark at Deptford and this year to Victoria Park in Hackney. Stuart Hopper, Head Coach at School of Skate tells us a bit more about the school.

‘This Easter we have released some 600 lesson places across the two week Easter break. Post Easter we plan to offer lessons at Whitegrounds skatepark in London Bridge which we hope will allow folks from across South London to use the overland network to come into SE1 for these lessons.

‘Skateparks were closed during the latest lockdown, following the guidance from SkateboardGB however Lewisham decided to buck the trend and keep Folkestone Gardens skatepark open, a move which left many a parent relieved that they could get their older kids out doing something active & engaging.

‘In contrast Royal Greenwich closed Charlton skatepark a move which saw the users of the space knock down the fences, and led to a costly campaign of attrition against the skatepark users, with police visiting a few times daily to move them on. Outdoor skateparks officially reopened across the country on Mon the 29th March, as per guidance from SkateboardGB. Indoor skateparks follow suit on the follow suit on the 12th April’

Forest Hill local Lewis Bell 

Skate School have a number of skills which you can learn in their lesson programme, and they recently released their skills tracking App, which allow customers to learn, track and test the skills they learn. Usually the App is free when you book an in-person lesson but they are offering SELondonBlog readers a freebie until the end of the easter holidays so you can learn remotely.

Simply sign up for the App and enter the coupon code BEGINEASTER when you enroll for the beginner lesson series.

Follow on the social networks or sign up for their lesson release news.

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