Bethan Higson: Mother Root

A new year often begins with dry January but for many, we continue to be mindful about our alcohol intake, with more health conscious individuals seeking complex flavour experiences – without alcohol. In this article I interview south London Mother Root’s founder and drinks expert Bethan Higson, on Mother Root Ginger Switchel: a sophisticated, award-winning aperitif that’s secretly good for you and hear all about her inspiring story on how she started the business while pregnant from the kitchen table. Rosanna Head

Mother Root

Mother Root is 100% all-natural, a non-alcoholic aperitif made with four key ingredients – a maceration of pressed ginger juice, blossom honey, Organic apple cider vinegar and a hint of chilli, making it ideal for those who love revitalising drinks with a kick. 

Inspired by the age-old Anglo-American “shrub-making” tradition, the switchel is a fascinating beverage originating from the 1700s, which witnessed increased popularity during the Prohibition era. Mother Root’s Ginger Switchel is a revival of these interesting flavours, that’s been given a captivating modern twist.

Originally born in a kitchen in Peckham, Mother Root Ginger Switchel was made in small batches with care by founder and drinks specialist Bethan Higson. Since its inception, Mother Root has gone from strength to strength as people discover – and fall in love with – its unique and complex flavour profile. An uplifting and flavourful alternative to alcoholic beverages, Mother Root Ginger Switchel is best enjoyed as a pre-dinner aperitif. Serve over ice with sparkling water or a light tonic, add a slice of orange and a fragrant sprig of rosemary, and you have everything you need for a refreshing drinking experience. Alternatively, if you fancy a tipple, you can shake up your cocktails with an infusion of Mother Root Ginger Switchel. It’s especially great paired with vodka or dark rum, providing endless options for cocktail creativity.

Mother Root is available at and from quality independent retailers nationwide. Priced from £19.00 (480ml- 20 serves) or £8.90 (120ml – 5 serves).

For recipe inspiration visit:

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