Bando Belly: A Lick of South East London Soul Food

Coming to the capital in January 2021, Bando  Belly is South East London’s brand new food concept pioneering ‘soul food fusion’. Bando Belly created its own signature food with flavours inspired by America, the Caribbean, South East Asia and primarily and most importantly – multicultural London and its rich and diverse food heritage.

We attended their virtual launch night to meet the founders and get an exclusive taste of Bando Belly’s signature dishes on the menu, including its ‘Bara Tacos’, Bahn Mi Cheesesteak, Soft Shell Crab Burger, Slow-Roasted Lamb Ribs and its irresistible Fried Oreo Donuts. 

Alex and Naz are from south London (well Alex is an original Brum) but now has his feet well and truly under the Thames. It was great to hear their story, passions and journey that has bought them to where they are today to start Bando Belly. ‘Bando’ is a term used to hustle and this name came to them when they started selling ice lollies from someones front room in London (a place where we pretty much all hustle from day to day huh!) and from there it has grown. Chef Naz talked us though the flavours and inspiration behind the menu. Their menu grew from a typical southern American style to a soul food fusion – a mix of being based in London, travelling and mixed heritage. Keep an eye out for their specials this Friday, their concept is ‘open’ and will aim to inspire when you order. Fried Oreo DIY kits will be on the menu soon!!!

Bando Belly is officially opening its doors on Friday 15th January. Find them on Level 5 at Peckham Levels, South London’s cultural and social hub. But for now you will have to get your fill of soul food fusion via delivery if you’re local (via Deliveroo), collection (via Deliveroo/Instagram) or takeaway (when Peckham Levels reopens to the public).when they launch.

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