#SpotlightOn Local London Artist David Wolverson

I stumbled across artist David Wolverson after he posted images of his work on a local community webpage. These interesting and inspiringly textured representations of local landmarks and some of my favourite London spots led me to invite him to feature as one of our #SpotlightOn artists, agreeably he said yes.

Read David’s story here; from carpet designer to figurative painter in this month’s #SpotlightOn. Please do take a moment to enjoy his work. Rosanna Head

Electric Avenue, Brixton

Tell us about your art

I began my career as a Carpet Designer, eventually going freelance. This allowed me to design for textiles, wallpapers, carpets, and stationary/giftware.

Working mainly on a commission basis, I designed for manufacturers, mainly in the U.S.A but also worldwide for over forty years.  I retired to London from York nine years ago and immersed myself in the sights, sounds, and culture of the city                                              

View of Gipsy Hill, Crystal Palace
Sphinx in Crystal Palace Park early morning

Who or what inspires you?

Although it may seem strange as I am mainly a figurative painter, but one of my biggest inspirations was the abstract painter Ben Nicholson. A painter whose paintings always give one a sense of what lies beneath.

If you look closely at my work it is always possible to see textures showing through. Textures of stone, brick, wood, earth, and vegetation always feature.

Battersea at sunset

London provides me with an endless supply of subject matter, especially down by the Thames! I’m also lucky to be living near to so many South London parks, and during the Covid Lockdown I have been concentrating on these parks.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest?

My ideal dinner guest would be Samuel Pepys, then perhaps after the meal he could take me on a walking tour of his London before The Great Fire!

 View towards Tate Modern on a wet day, London

Albert Bridge, London

Check out David’s Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/David-Wolverson-110467729319761/

David’s future plans are up in the air at the moment, what with the Covid situation. He is happy to make socially distanced arrangements for people to view and buy from my home.

The Amina Malik Gallery, S.Norwood. This painting is still there and is of Stambourne Woods, Crystal Palace.

Beckenham Place Park

The canvasses start at £200, but the average price is £400—£500.

Signed framed Giclee prints are available from £50.

Brixton street scene

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