Hanging out at 28 Well Hung

It was a dark, cold, wet Autumn evening when we jumped in the Uber heading to Nunhead. The warmth and welcome at London’s first regenerative restaurant soon thawed our damp chill. We were greeted by owner Catherine Solomons who had just celebrated the restaurant’s first birthday, in such a difficult year for hospitality. The restaurant was full and buzzing with laughter and conversation. Claire Foster

Regenerative in agricultural terms is regenerating and repairing the soil. Being a regenerative restaurant, 28 Well Hung prides itself on working with farmers and growers – much more of a partnership with the planet rather than the extracted methods you see in industrial farming.

It’s a different way of doing things and an active way we can reverse global warming, restoring our soils and creating a better planet.

Climate concerns and the Attenborough effect have steadily been moving up both business and personal agendas. In September, Netflix launched a new documentary ‘Kiss the Ground’ explaining the science and historical context behind regenerative agriculture and why the health of our soil is so important.

Catherine and her co-owner husband aren’t new to the South London food scene. They founded Ladle and Skillet nine years ago, as an established street-food trader on Southbank Market. They were well known for their meat and their provenience and would also serve up ethically-sourced food at festivals and private events.

Two and half years ago they rebranded, grew and evolved to become 28 Well Hung. Catherine lived in Morocco for many years and you can see how this has influenced Well Hung’s menu. Unimpressed with not being able to source the right bread for the menu, Catherine decided she would bake all her own flatbreads. The lamb and choice of spices reflect this too.

Catherine works with Philip Warren as her meat supplier and feels very privileged to be part of their supply chain. They are also butchers and have an amazing network of responsibly run farms. The reason the meat is so good is because they have paid above market price, the animals have been well looked after, and the meat is from a suckler herd which means the calves stay with the cows. And I absolutely concur the meat in Well Hung melts in your mouth.

Rather than order a bottle, we chose the red on tap which was a special local blend from Portugal. The perfect accompaniment to the beef and lamb dishes we shared. The menu changes with the seasons, as you would expect from such an ethical restaurant, and we were able to enjoy beautiful coloured ribbons of courgettes, delicate and so vibrant to look at.

If you are not a meat eater, the vegetarian options are superb. In fact, carnivore or not, the stand out dish had to be the mushrooms. So plump and delicious.

The staff are incredibly friendly but also knowledgeable and aligned with the restaurants purpose. Pardon the pun but they couldn’t be more down to earth, that’s what makes this gem of a restaurant so special.

The restaurant offers wonderful brunches and for their anniversary and Halloween they had incredible sharing plates on offer. You can find out about their new dishes and latest offerings here www.28wellhung.com @28wellhung

South East London blog’s editor Rosanna interviewed Catherine on the night, check it out here, be sure to turn up the sound – the banging background dance music took over a little bit…. 😉

We will definitely be going back . . . .

28WellHung are offering takeaways during Lockdown 2.0

Opening times are Wednesday-Friday 11-3pm and 6-9pm

Saturday 11-9pm

Sunday 11-3pm

From Friday 6th November, 28 Well Hung will be open for hot food take away and online delivery.

Follow @28wellhung for news about home feast boxes and 28 at Christmas.

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