Contribute to scientific research; King’s College London research children’s attention and motivation

Dr Virginia Carter Leno, a researcher based at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London, Camberwell has launched a new research project to better understand children’s profiles of attention and motivation. Julia Bird

The research aims to better understand how attention and motivation might be linked to strengths and difficulties in terms of social skills, emotions and behaviour. The College hope that this work will help to understand how children’s brains develop as they grow up, but also better support children who might be experiencing social or emotional difficulties. 

*Dr V. Carter Leno, 26th June 2019 KCL
Portraits Denmark Hill London Campus

How to get involved

The research team are looking to for young people aged 10-16 to complete some fun online activities which they have tried to make as engaging as possible. The activities are around 60 minutes in total, with the option to take a break in the middle for as long as required. Parents will also be asked to complete some short questionnaires about their child’s social skills and behaviour. 

Virginia Carter Leno said: “We hope that the children find it a fun activity to do in the holidays. We want as many families as possible to take part and welcome those parents who might be interested in educational activities and contributing to scientific research.”

Everyone who takes part is entered into a prize draw for shopping vouchers, plus all families will receive an educational newsletter explaining more about why we think it’s important to study things like memory and emotions.

To find out more follow the below link to the study website, it will take you to the main page with more information about the project and explains how interested parents can take part.

*Dr Virginia Carter Leno Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral FellowDepartment of Biostatistics and Health InformaticsInstitute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience,King’s College London16 De Crespigny Park, SE5 8AF

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