Mont58 Coffee – ‘Serious about coffee but not serious about life!’

Shai Eilon

What does a cup of coffee mean to you? Is it a drink that gives you a boost in the morning or a passion that drives you to give up your city career. Well for Shai Eilon of Mont58 coffee, it was the latter and ‘a no brainer’.

Steve Wingrove visits Mont58 Coffee, an independent craft roastery based in south east London.

Shai has always had a love of coffee and one day decided to pack it all in and make a go of it. Now he has a thriving craft roastery business in Catford, south east London, called Mont58. Self-taught from books, YouTube and more – he has certainly mastered his craft.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Mont58 roastery to chat to Shai about the project and taste some of his fantastic and delicious blends, including the very popular “Wake Up Call”.

The team at Mont58 call themselves a ‘craft, independent roastery who believe in local produce’. They hand-roast coffee in a shed in Shai’s back garden.  It is here that he spends his days roasting different types and batches of beans, then experimenting with different roast profiles – trying to get the best from each type of bean.

Shai said: “We try and test all of our coffee. If we don’t like it, we don’t sell it. Our customers can be assured that the coffee they buy is tested with severity and a wanton passion for a good blend and taste. And most important of all, we love it!”   What’s exciting is that Mont58 are always trying new blends and beans and if you pop in to the roastery you might get a glimpse of what the team are drinking right now.

Mont58 stock local independent coffee shops, markets and businesses so it’s not hard to find their coffee at your favourite #SELondon spot: The Larder, Ladywell; Good Food, Catford; Telegraph Hill Market; Catford Cornucopia; Aga’s Little Deli, Forest Hill; 28 Well Hung, Nunhead and The Feast West Norwood.  They also deliver the ‘very best Arabica beans’ straight to the door. 

The team at Mont58 are conscious and extremely passionate about sustainability and reducing their impact on the environment. The coffee they buy is organic or Fairtrade and they ensure it can be traced back to the farmers and co-ops that grow it all over the world. Packaging is made from recyclable paper from sustainable forests and the team are working to transfer coffee bags to being compostable. You can read more about their sustainability efforts here including zero waste, deliveries using their hybrid car or scooter, reusable coffee cups and more.

Shai’s got some great tips on perfecting the perfect coffee that I found really helpful, why not check them out here:


Follow Mont58 on Instagram and Facebook and you can order online here.

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