Dee-licious dishes from Dee’s Kitchen, Bromley

We had the pleasure of popping along to the launch of Dee’s Kitchen, a vibrant Caribbean takeaway in the heart of Bromley. Although we don’t generally cover take-aways on South East London Blog, we were intrigued to find out more about the family-run business offering dishes that pack a punch.


Located on Masons Hill, near Bromley Common and just a short walk from Bromley South Station, we were welcomed into Dee’s by the founder Yehnine, daughter of Dee.

Dee’s offers a tasty selection of Caribbean cuisine, including Jerk Chicken, Curried Chicken (which was yum by the way), mutton, vegan meals as well as options for the little ones. No Caribbean meal is complete without a drink in hand, right? Try the homemade rum punch, or for something light (and sugary) the Karibbean Kola will certainly quench your thirst.




We caught up with Yehine Gayle, founder and daughter of Dee’s to find out more.

Firstly, congratulations on opening Dee’s Kitchen. You must be proud?

I am extremely proud.  Although we have been trading just shy of two years now we previously operated from my mum and dads home in Bromley in her little kitchen offering delivery only, mostly delivered by dad.

How long has Dee’s been in the making?

Mum grew up surrounded by a family of foodies in Jamaica where she learnt the recipes she continues to cook-up today and now at Dee’s.  Inevitably I was influenced by this and soon got involved in the kitchen, mixing up exotic spices to create mouth-watering dishes. With a passion for cooking, we started catering for parties, events and private orders.  This ultimately led to the opening of Dee’s Kitchen.

What were you doing before opening Dee’s?

I am a fitness fanatic and previously trained to become a Personal Trainer, which I still do.  I put on a few fitness events in and around London and will continue this on the side.  I may even combine the two one day! A big fitness party with healthy eats straight from (Dee’s) kitchen.

What would you say are your stand-out dishes?

Our Jerk Chicken and definitely the sticky BBQ wings. We have introduced a few more vegan dishes too, which go down very well, particularly the veg curry which is our top seller.

If you had to describe your food in just a few words, what would they be?
Our slogan sums it up perfectly; Caribbean food with a twist!

And lastly, what do you hope to achieve?

Caribbean food is delicious but in certain areas, particularly Bromley it has been virtually non-existent, until now.  Having lived in Bromley most of my life I wanted to bring Caribbean food to the area. Many of my friends over the years have enjoyed being fed by my mum and my goal now is to share her food with the nation.

So if you fancy a bit of the Caribbean to tickle your taste buds, visit

Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Dee herself due to poor health although we were pleased to hear she was on the road to recovery.  What was clear to see was all the support and smiles from family and friends who had gathered for the opening. We do not doubt that Yehinine and her team will continue to share Dee’s legacy while she recovers and that her food will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Thanks Dee’s!

Caroline Cross was hosted by the team at Dee’s. 



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