A hint of Flint and a sprinkle of Asparagus – Clement & Black Wine Tasting

Picture the setting…  A cosy bar in south east London, candlelight,  enthralling conversation, a charcuterie board to write home about and an abundance of great tasting wine.  Rosanna Head

‘This is not any wine tasting, this is a Clement and Black Wine Tasting.’

Photo courtesy of Kat Waters
Photo courtesy of Kat Waters

As we settled in for the night at Two Spoons in Honor Oak we swiftly became acquainted with our fellow (developing) wine connoisseurs and enjoyed a night of tasting undiscovered French wine from the Rhone Valley, Loire, Alsace to Languedoc regions.

We were greeted on arrival with a Two Spoons exclusive Negroni cocktail and proceeded to enjoy fun ways to taste wine, feasted on delicious cheeses and meats (my favourite was the baked camembert), immersed in great conversation, taught tips on the best way to taste (see Clement & Blacks Top Wine Tasting Tips Below) and played games to guess what the blind-taste wine was – so much fun.

Jo and William are a fantastic exuberant duo who share a passion and deep knowledge of wine, arming guests with the all the tricks they need to decide on what wine they like for themselves.

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This Thursday 29th November, Clement and Black are hosting their annual Christmas Bash at Two Spoons in Honor Oak (tickets £35).  This is a great value event that will not only set you up with further wine knowledge but encourage new friends and memories – we couldn’t recommend it enough.  Guests can enjoy a candlelit wine tasting with added crackers, games and gluttony, a complimentary Two Spoons cocktail on arrival, a tasting of ten super premium classic wines and affordable party wines including champagne aperitif, delicious festive food from the Two Spoons kitchen, festive games, chat and laughs, 10% case discount on their entire range and free delivery, a chance to win wine and free tasting tickets.

Wander into the night with some delicious bottles for your Christmas table.  They’ll be dusting off our famous Posh v Plonk tasting format, pitting top-end wines against party gluggers.   Be assured Clement & Black wine tastings are about good times, not lectures. Their events are for everyone: if you’re new to wine tastings, don’t fret, you’ll get the lowdown on how to taste; if you’re a dab hand, we’ve got some cracking boozy surprises.


Details for the Christmas event:

Sign up to their mailing list to get £5 off tasting tickets

  • Clement & Black @ Two Spoons72 Honor Oak ParkLondon, England, SE23 1DYUnited Kingdom (map)
Sounds confusing! Let them demystify all of this at one of their tastings, so do join them.

*Photos courtesy of Clement and Black.

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