DeptfordX – A Living Visual Arts Festival

This weekend DeptfordX opens, a ten-day free festival of visual arts focused on new work by emerging local artists.  Rosanna Head

Every year, DeptfordX throws open its doors to contributions from independent contemporary artists in its long-running un-curated fringe festival.

This year, platform artists Shawanda Corbett, Georgia Lucas-Going, David Steans, NT and Laura Yuile and Special Project artist Louise Ashcroft have all been commissioned to create context-specific works.  This year the new works will appear in Deptford Market Yard, a charity furniture shop on Deptford High Street, Deptford Lounge’s public library and rooftop ballcourt, and other locations across the area.

Sharing interests in performance, video and installation, the five platform artists were selected with the support of a panel of nominators comprising artists and curators of renowned contemporary art spaces. Deptford X’s Platform programme provides support for emerging artists at pivotal points in their careers.

Go check it out!

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