I’m posting this as it’s a matter close to mine and my families heart and I’m sure many of yours.

On Sunday 15th July – Ryan who lives down at the Crofton Park end of Brockley is hosting a family fun day and a dads football tournament down at St Dunstan’s in Catford called Festiball.  

It’s a big ol’family fun day out, BBQ, arts, crafts, local craft beer tent, entertainment for the kids, magicians – all sorts – oh and a game of footie for the dads.  There is even a bake off competition judged by a local VIP.  No telling who though yet!!

kck cncr festiball-KV-final-1

The reason they are doing this is to raise money and awareness for mens cancer. They are supporting Prostate UK and a smaller local charity called Ballboys that educates younger boys about the perils of Tesicular cancer.

They want teams to sign up for the football tournament and families to go to the event to enjoy the day.  You can sign up here.

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