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Here at @SELondonBlog we’re all about community and culture and try to do a damn good job to celebrate the creative passionate individuals that make it even more brilliant to live here…

We’ve met a few Shona Chambers @spaceat61, Featured in 15s Maya and Helen and we’ve still hundreds more to meet, so when we stumbled across @SESussed on Twitter we had to find out more.

We’ve invited Marcela who set up @SESussed – also recently nominated by @TheResident as one of London’s most ‘Inspirational Instagram Mums to follow now’ (pretty cool eh!) – to share her story.    And the even more exciting news is that we will be bringing you some of  Marcela’s SE Sussed stories and then some to @SELondonBlog in the not to near distant future…


Tell us a bit more about SESussed

S.E. Sussed started as a community campaign I created as part of my social media course called Digital Mums. It was a very intense 6 months of studying and implementing new skills on a live campaign, but it was a great way to learn.

Running the campaign not only pulled me out of my comfort zone (kicking and screaming) but also gave me some of my (pre-kids) confidence back. I made new contacts and discovered the amazing SE London community right on my doorstep.  SE Sussed changed the way me and my family saw the area, so once I graduated, I didn’t want to stop.

How did you get to where you are today?

I am not sure I know exactly where I am today, but I know that I have been with my partner for twenty-five years now, so wherever it is that I am, we got here together.

It has made the journey a lot more fun.

What inspires you about SELondon?

A lot of things! I am always thrilled when I stumble on a new green space or park I didn’t know about – there are so many! I also love the amount of talent we have in the area – the makers, designers, creatives, start-ups, bars, restaurants and galleries. I am a big fan of all the street art too and always point them out to the kids.

What do you enjoy most about the community?

How supportive it is. Most people want you to succeed and go out of their way to help you do it. The South East London community has given us events, exhibitions, festivals, and new ventures that have dramatically improved our experience and enjoyment of the area.

I also love how diverse it is. From classical music at Dulwich Pavilion to Peckham Festival’s carnival parade, there is something for everyone here. I am proud that my family can experience it all.


What are your plans for the future?

Writing is my passion and I want to do more of it. Currently I write articles for The London Mother site and am a guest blogger at Hatch Enterprise, but writing for children is my goal.  I have signed up for a local Children’s Writer Workshop and hope that it will develop my skills further.

In the meantime, I also help small business with their social media needs (strategy and consultancy) and am currently supporting two very different businesses which keeps me on my toes!  I also intend carrying on highlighting some of the best things about SE London through SE Sussed and collaborate with other local bloggers like yourself! (That’s great news for us :)).

What has been a seminal experience / life experience that has really shaped who you are?

I was born and raised in Brazil until I was 14 years old. My parents divorced when I was nine and after a few years my mother married again – to an Englishman. We (I have an older sister) all moved to England, initially for one year, but life’s familiar twists and turns meant we stayed for another year, and another and another.

Fast forward 30 years, (after degrees, careers, weddings and children) – we have made England our home, but still go back regularly to see our family and spend time with our father, who sadly passed away last October.

Moving to a different country at such a complicated and fragile age changed everything. The experience of having to learn a new language, culture and sense of humour, of navigating the perils of a different way of life whilst trying to make new friends is difficult to explain.

It can make you fearful of change and vulnerable, but also braver and more resilient. There is no doubt, that it shaped who I am today.

Where’s your favourite spot on SE London?

I have many… I love the view at the top of One Tree Hill and the amazing sense of history we get when we visit the Nunhead Cemetery. The butterfly tent at the Horniman has made it that extra special and Beckenham Place Park has recently become one of our regular haunts.

There is also something really special about The Folly in Dulwich Woods that really speaks to me. I love going there.


Thanks Marcela….


The Folly Dulwich Woods courtesy of



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