400 Rabbits Crystal Palace Gets All Up In My Grill – Restaurant Review

Ever wondered why it’s called Four Hundred Rabbits?  It is all to do with fermentation.  A process revered by the Aztecs who worshipped a goddess of alcohol and a god that discovered fermentation.  The two (so folklore has it) ‘got it on’ one night and created offspring, otherwise known as the 400 rabbit gods.  And there we have it, a celebration of fermentation = pizza and beer.

#SELondonBlog tells you more….


It’s much like eating with pals at this place, everyone’s pretty laid back man.  And it’s cool, even my visiting niece who’s twelve thought so, so that means it must be cool.


The menu is short and simple which is great when the kids are with you.

The sourdough pizza bases are fresh, crisp and tight, less on the soft side.  400 Rabbits has not only nailed their signature house specials with an array of mighty fine toppings, they also regularly team up with other indy foodites to create one-off specials for limited time periods.  April’s collaboration is with Up In My Grill, inspired by the street food trader’s British beef shin nuggets and signature Argentine-style accompaniments.

To kick off our pizza party we tucked into the bone marrow and wild garlic pizza bread. Our pizzas were adorned with braised beef shin, bone marrow and anchovy breadcrumbs.  The Up In My Grill’s spicy red chimichurri and Malbec onions, lamb’s lettuce, San Marzano DOP tomatoes and the Fior di Latte mozzarella induced pizza parties in our mouths.  There’s plenty of craft beer (12 in total regularly changed) to choose from and pretty decent house wine, or try the legendary 400 Rabbits Negroni £4.  For dessert, dive into one of their delicious ice cream concoctions.



The restaurant is slap bang in the middle of Crystal Palace triangle, surrounded by independent businesses, funky furniture and vintage shops, cafes and a Saturday food market.  With a bright green front to lure you in, once inside the Berlinesque design draws you into the trendy sit down benches or pop up on a stool, scoff some pizza love and watch the world go by.


Best to walk in.  If it’s busy and you have to wait a wee bit, grab a pue and a drink, and watch while the team lovingly create, cook (400-degree heat) and deliver mouth-watering pizzas swiftly gobbled up by happy punters.  Check out their great value Tuesday #HopSociety deal that allows guests at both all-day venues to tuck into any pizza alongside any draft beer for a £10 meal package.

What’s cool?

Visitors can now take advantage of Four Hundred Rabbits’ loyalty scheme and earn one point for every pound they spend at the restaurants, with rewards including free pizza, wine and desserts. Full details are available on their website – those looking to collect reward points can sign up directly here: https://breedlike.400rabbits.co.uk/ 

This review was courtesy of Four Hundred Rabbits.  big love… 🙂


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