Kaliyoga Italy, a perfect balance of zen and hippy to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

Daily meditation, world-class yoga, nourishment and holistic therapies, Kali Yoga, Italy is the perfect retreat to escape modern life, re-balance and submerse in daily practice.


Who goes there?

Anyone and everyone, male and female with a desire to revitalise, and a curiosity to explore yoga and meditation as a way to get to know your body better.


The yoga

Kali Yoga is not competitive, the 7-day retreat combines daily yoga classes and activities focused to awaken the inner you. Teachers use a structure of Ashtanga Vinyasa and will take the time to help you break down each pose to allow your body and mind to engage with each asana (posture). Beginner to advanced, a positive outlook and eagerness to learn will set you up for regular practice and healthy choices when you return home leaner, healthier and happier.


The food

Kali Yoga’s menu varies according to the season. Each day yogis are treated to inspiring and delicious culinary treats from raw salads to super food, with a daily mid-afternoon raw food snack, a welcome treat after a relax in one of the lazily placed hammocks or a dip in the on-site pool. You’ll be inspired by the recipes and the chefs, be ready to jot down a juice recipe or two!

What to pack

  • Three to four yoga outfits
  • A favourite candle, jos-sticks are provided in the rooms
  • A comfy pair of trainers, swim-suit and clothes for those lazy down-times
  • A good read

Rosanna Head spent one week at Kali Yoga, Italy, an experience that gave her a renewed passion for her yoga practice and healthy eating lifestyle.

How to book

  • Go online to kaliyoga.com to pick your choice of venue and retreat.
  • Flights: Easyjet.co.uk to Bari, Italy


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