Beckenham Place Mansion has some exciting events coming up and they are looking for lots of volunteers to help make them amazing.

If you would like to spend some enjoyable time connecting with your community and helping make projects come to life, please get in touch with them on mansion@beckenhamplacepark.org

They hugely appreciate all the work of their merry band of volunteers and are keen to welcome newcomers to the mansion team.

Here’s the lineup- if something takes your fancy let them know.

CHILDREN’S FILM FESTIVAL – Saturday 2nd September 10.30-19.30

A one-day celebration of all things cinematic, with various arts and crafts activities, and animation workshops for children. 

OUTDOOR ELECTRIC PEDAL CINEMA – Saturday 2nd September 20.00 onwards 

An outdoor cinema, powered by people on bicycles! 

LONDON OPEN HOUSE – Wednesday 13th September 18.30 & Sunday 17th September 12-18.00. Are you interested in the history of the building? We are looking for 6-8 people who would enjoy taking guided tours around the house and mansion for our open day as part of Open House London on Sunday September 17th.

Ongoing volunteer opportunities:

If you find you have more time on your hands, why not find out about their Ongoing Volunteering Opportunities.

They look forward to hearing from you mansion@beckenhamplacepark.org

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