London charity offers respite for vulnerable kids this summer 

This summer, over 100 local London children will be given a helping hand by home-grown charity, Free to Be Kids.

The London-based children’s charity will offer respite, support and new experiences outside of the parameters of the school term.

 The charity works with schools, local authorities, housing associations, domestic violence refuges and homelessness charities to identify children who really need a break. 

Free to Be Kids aims to help around 170 children through after-school activities and respite breaks in the New Forest, the Suffolk Coast and the Sussex countryside.  For many, these will be entirely new and exciting experiences.

One of the founders of the charity, Rachel Nichols, said: “Many vulnerable children have a strong support network during school term time, but when the holidays start, much of this network may evaporate.

“School holidays are a particularly stressful time for families on low incomes and those living in cramped or unstable housing, so our programmes are designed to give both children and their parents, and carers, a bit of a break.” 

Free to Be Kids’ volunteers support children to try new things, build confidence and most importantly, to feel particularly special and valued.

The charity is entirely volunteer run with all activities provided free of charge to families, funded solely by donation. 

To find out more about the programme or to get involved click here.

One thought on “London charity offers respite for vulnerable kids this summer 

  1. It is great to see people thinking about vulnerable children during the summer who are not able to have the same opportunities as their peers. I remember going on similar trips with the charity CCHF when I was young and still have very fond memories of my experiences.

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