Impactful Street Art? Market Road Gallery, UKs 1st Interactive Art Space

The creative minds at Central Saint Martins, the University of Arts London (UAL) and the space sharer’s at Attic Self Storage have created the first ever street art space designed to respond to community peer-review.


Using Attic’s latest state-of-the-art self-storage facility as its 65-metre canvas, artists, art lovers and community can participate in a living interactive art gallery and either show, promote or remove the artwork.

Professional and would-be artists can reserve participation in the project via the Market Road Gallery web-app, whilst the first to engage will be able to access free painting materials (on a ‘first come first served’ basis) to express their vision on their designated spot on the wall.


Artists currently on show include Begoña Toledo (aka Boxhead:, a Spanish artist living and working in London. Urbanism, architecture and emotional responses to consumer culture are the inspirations for her work. 



Caio Beltrão Sposito
‘I See Colours in You’ – London – This mural is dedicated to love, especially his love.

Director of University of Arts London’s Design Against Crime Research Centre, Professor Lorraine Gamman said:  “This project has emerged through learning from fifteen years’ groundbreaking research, working with local authorities and crime prevention units across the world to assess the impact of street art in the built environment.  It is designed to bring communities into dialogue and to enable, as yet undiscovered voices, to be clearly heard, singularly and collectively.”


Project designer and Research Fellow at UAL, Marcus Willcocks adds “This innovative scheme helps us explore the changing roles of urban creativity and is just as much about what people want more of from the local environment, as it is about discouraging opportunities for misbehaviour.”

The Market Road Gallery is part of the Central Saint Martins UAL programme of local encounters.  

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