Charity Hearts in Harmony to host one-day art extravaganza.


On Friday the 12th of May Old Spitalfields Market’s official charity – Hearts in Harmony will host the unique all day event “Art Beats”.

From 11am until 9pm London’s most popular market will come alive, with live art being produced by up to 50 talented artists, all competing for the ‘Art Beats Award’.

Hearts in Harmony, the charity raising money to help fight heart disease through art and music events, will donate all money raised on the day to heart disease wards in hospitals and towards research.

Artists will showcase their work to be entered, for passers-by to watch and admire. Live music will accompany the event, adding to the atmosphere.  The theme of all work produced will be “The Heart of East End”.

At the end of the day a panel of five expert judges will select one entered piece of art, from a final shortlist of eight, to win the Art Beats Award, plus a cash prize of £1,000.

The judges will also select from the children’s category a winning art piece to win the Children Art Beats Award, plus a cash prize of £200.

The winning and shortlisted art pieces will be on display at and available to purchase from Old Spitalfields Market, plus on Hearts in Harmony’s website, for the following four weeks. If sold, Hearts in Harmony will donate 80% of the proceeds to a heart -based charity.

Hearts in Harmony would like to unite anyone who wants to combine their passion for charity and love of music, art and culture, to help fight heart disease in both children and adults.

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