Street Art: Barcelona January 2017

Barcelona is a city of many wonders and surprises.  It has an abundance of art and culture on offer.  Our theme for this blog is on street art in the El Raval district, it is a short post with images on the art we saw.

El Raval is the home to lots of bars, up and coming coffee shops, art and vintage boutiques, and various cultural institutions.  We loved it, it’s cool, funky and definitely has an edge, being born and bred south Londoners this is the kind of place we love!

We’re by no means experts on street art but we ‘think’ we know a tag when we see one, well we are trying to learn.  We got in touch with award winning bloggers @urbankulturblog to see if they could shed some light on our favourite image (below). They told us the below Ice Cream is from @konaire. We posted this image on Instagram and also got a message from ElPez Barcelona telling us the right side is Konaire, great to hear from these guys!  If you know any of the others feel free to send us a comment.


For a deeper dive into the street art of Barcelona we recommend taking a browse through @UrbanKulturBlog Barcelona series, these guys definitely know their stuff ;);

Urban Kulture Blog Street Art Tour of Barcelona;

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4







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