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I recently came across Project Dirt on Twitter, you may have heard of them, they are the UK’s most active network connecting and resourcing community groups and projects.  So I dropped them a line to find out more.

James Baker, Community Manager told me:  “Project Dirt is useful for a variety of different people doing a variety of different things”.  Sounds slightly ambiguous.  He went on.  “On the one hand, Project Dirt can be for an informal group of individuals looking to resource solar panels for their community centre roof.  On the other, it can provide businesses and local authorities a means of supporting people at a grassroots level through funding or volunteers.”

The common focus at Project Dirt is that every project revolves around a common focus of striving to improve the local community in some way.

Project Dirt is a “doing” network, so if you have a project that you’d like to showcase, or look to engage with other likeminded people and join a dynamic community then we’d recommend you sign up today.

You can join up here – JOIN US

 Why not sign up to their London community newsletter here.  It provides a good insight into the different things going on in the network, from volunteering opportunities and green jobs to upcoming events and user blogs.


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