Kings College Hospital has a special spot in our hearts. The hospital and neighbouring Maudsley have played a significant role in mine, my family and friends lives and we would like to do what we can to support them. So when I received this Tweet, the least I could do was pop a short post on the blog.

To support Kings means to help them to provide better support for their patients, visitors and staff.  Our support and donations can help fund life-saving equipment, life-changing research and better facilities.


Tuesday November 1st, King’s College Hospital are hosting a pop-up event to launch King’s Critical Care Appeal and to raise awareness about their fundraising.

The Fundraising Team will also be hosting a bake sale and selling Support King’s merchandise to help raise funds for the appeal.

Would you like to volunteer? If so, you can register here.

Would you like to bake? Just send the Team an email or give them a call on 020 7848 4701.
Or if you’d just like to donate you can click here.

South East London Blog Team

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