#Cuisine recipe 1 – Ottolenghi’s Mee Goreng 

The recipe: This week I said I’d try my hand at one of Ottolenghi’s recipes, so  tonight I went for Mee Goreng and found it to be a #weeknightwinner.

This recipe is packed with easy to find ingredients aside from sambal oelek which I hadn’t heard of before: it’s a chilli paste. Mee Goreng is a street food Malay dish and only takes a few minutes to make (according to Ottolenghi) 👌👌👌👏👏


The cook: I can’t recommend enough the benefits of a well stocked larder, it just means that when you approach a recipe like this you’ll only ever need to pop out for the fresh ingredients. Tonight I picked these up from a local independent shop in Sydenham called PFC International Food Centre. If you’re local to Sydenham this place is the BOMB! They stock all the raw ingredients one will ever need. PFCs selection of fresh produce is great, well priced and they are open late. While the Turkish music in the background always makes me want to dance!! 😀

And what a dairy selection! 


So this dish is ‘relatively’ quick. I’d recommend you lay out all your ingredients first and weigh out the food and spices as you’ll need to cook this one quickly and on a high heat.  And have the right utensils to hand, it’s a challenge not to break up the tofu!

If you are using dry noodles be sure to cook these first as the recipe requires you to ‘throw’ these in mid way. I found myself taking the main dish off the stove to do this.

Cook the shallots separately during the cooking of the main dish so that they are ready to chuck in at the end.  I ended up substituting the thick soy sauce for dark soy, the only problem with this is it turns the whole dish dark – so not ideal aesthetically speaking. I added a green chilli for luck as couldn’t get my hands on the sambal oelek.

Tastes: The flavours really complement each other. The tofu was cooked well and soaked up the delicious smoky nutty flavours of the oil and spices. The pac choi and beans added a clean, green texture and compliment the tofu.  I do find tofu a bit bland so don’t be scared to spice it up or make it as hot as you like… The noodles were delicious, and added a hint of pumpkin and ginger to the flavour, and being gluten and wheat free – an overall winner for me.

When to cook: this dish is definitely a #weeknightwinner

Recipe: http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/mee-goreng-shop

Health: The good thing about this tofu inspired dish is that it’s high in calcium, amino acids and iron.*

Choice ingredients:

Tofu – Clearspot Organic Tofu lovingly hand made in North Yorkshire to a traditional Japanese recipe. Available from most health food shops.

Noodles – King Soba organic pumpkin, ginger and rice noodles

* BBCGoodFood – http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/ingredient-focus-tofu

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