Our love of #cuisine- a new blog interest…

I’ve just celebrated a milestone birthday, I’ve found that with age comes a deeper appreciation for cooking, gardening and all the other hobbies we enjoy.

I love to cook, eat hearty, healthy dishes and explore the unknown.  I buy most produce from local independents and as this blog is about community, I wanted to start a new interest on cuisine.  I’d like to share tasty recipes I find and also ask you to share your tasty finds with me.

I’ve always had a passion for food, but it’s only been the last few years where I’ve wanted to be take more risks, explore new things and enjoy raw basic ingredients; understand more about flavours, spices, herbs and textures, and to learn more about foods that can both nourish and heal.  In April this year I went on a yoga retreat to Kali Yoga, the chefs at the retreat prepared daily delicious fresh homemade Italian vegetarian and vegan food dishes, not only did the cooking leave me feeling very well, it inspired me to open up my mind as to how I approach food.

I recently discovered two fabulous cook books, Green Kitchen Stories and Ottolenghi Plenty and have enjoyed cooking a variety of dishes from the delicious Mung Bean Stew to the herb infused Green Cous Cous.  It’s also important to point out that I do not handle gluten very well, I am not coeliac but I do suffer with a heaviness both in mind and body after eating it, as well as fluid retention, so I try to cut it out from my diet as much as I can. Another reason to educate myself and teach new ways of cooking is to support my partner who is diabetic.

The first of our #cuisine recipe recommendations is going to be the Chickpea, Tomato and Bread Soup from Ottolenghi’s Plenty which I’ll make this week.



Also, welcome to my kitchen, it is tiny. We’ve just moved into a new house that was built in the 60’s.  There is a narrow worktop and a very old oven,  so not ideal, but all you need is some gas and a work top to create wonders -she types hopefully.  🙂




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