Perfectly Placed Peckham Festival

The first annual Peckham Festival this weekend was pretty awesome.

If you’ve had the pleasure, you’ll know why we are a little bit #NutsAboutPeckham –  great bars, great cafes,  great pizza, great market, great community – the festival is definitely the icing on the cake.


is a celebration of the people that make Peckham what it is; a platform that tells their stories and how they unite to make something unique, and there is a bundle of things to see and do.


The Open Studios feature over 60 artists and creatives.  There is really something very humbling about taking a step into an artists reality to learn about what fuels the inspiration for their work.


The event also celebrates festival projects, performances, workshops, food and drink and pedal power cinema.  The chill out zone ‘The Reclaimed Rye‘ is a pretty special hang out space; Copeland Park’s car park transformed into an urban parkland made from recycled and donated materials, with plants donated by the Royal Horticultural Society – magic!

Nina Baxter Art

There are over 300 artists, volunteers, creatives, and businesses that make @peckhamfestival happen, so if you want to be a part of the festival next why not get in touch with the team here. 

Until next year.

South East London Blog Team

Brilliant Neon




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