Lambeth Council has asked Love Herne Hill to share their online poll with you.  The poll is collecting votes on the name of the borough-wide community currency and ends this Friday 20 September.

Right now the paper votes are neck and neck, but the online poll is trending in favour of Lambeth Pounds.  Who knows how it will end!

The link’s here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SRJLMSH.

Lambeth council is growing community currency to reach across the borough due to the popularity of the Brixton Pound.  It will come to a few areas first, with the aim of linking up the hubs over time.  Brixton will stay a hub of the currency, but you’ll be able to use it in West Norwood (and, hopefully, Herne Hill) in the coming months.

The project is being sponsored by Lambeth Council, but the currency will be a community-run project once it gets past its incubation stage.

One of the new features of the expanded version of the currency is a social entrepreneurship fund that anyone can apply for.  The Council will match 1% of all local money spent at local businesses, and will set this aside so that anyone who has a good idea about how to make our area a better, nicer place can apply for some financial support for the project.  This fund will be one piece of a larger initiative to support local social entrepreneurs.

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