A room with a view: A lazy Saturday mooch in Peckham

This weekend a couple of mates and I ventured into Peckham to soak up the buzz…

First stop was Frank’s rooftop bar @frankspeckham. We climbed various flights of stairs to reach the 10th floor in a Peckham Multi Story car park.  We were greeted with grey concrete walls, an abundance of space and a collection of very cool art installations.  The first was a sheer expanse of graffiti, backing what resembled four, metallic-painted, oversized drink cans.  We liked the moody urban feel this place exhuded. It reminded me of a tunnel I once ventured through to reach Club 11, Amsterdam.  The walk through tunnel was home to resident graffiti artists (see pic below). Sadly the Club 11 building, Amsterdam was torn down in 2008.  



(Club 11, Amsterdam).

We made our way up to the rooftop and were greeted by a pair of suspended, oversized sunglasses, they looked a little like Wayfarers.  You have to see the art in it’s full glory to really appreciate it.  The sunglasses were made from hundreds of colourful foil strips tied to wire racks, which glistened and shook in the wind.


The art on show is part of the BOLD TENDENCIES SCULPTURE PROJECT in Peckham (30th June – 30th September).   Founded in 2007, Bold Tendencies has welcomed over 500,000 visitors to the project since it’s inception in 2007, and is free to visit – so I recommend a visit!



The views of the London skyline from the roof @Frankspeckham are amazing – you can see the Millennium Dome and all the way to Battersea!



Next stop – lunch.  We headed to The Gowlett, as recommended to us by a friend.  They’re famous for their pizza – so it was kinda rude to not go!  An unsuspecting pub down a backstreet in Peckham, we enjoyed the chilled vibe and the cool dark atmosphere it presented.  The pizza’s lived up to their reputation.  I had one with rocket, gorgonzola and pancetta – as I type my mouth is watering – my friend had the pepperoni pizza!  All washed down nicely with a glass of the delicious house white – Sauvignon Blanc.


Our last stop was the Montpellier pub.  To get there, we wandered aimlessly around more back streets.  The @peckhampeculiar recommended we go to Bellenden Road and up the High Street to visit @CinnTreeBakery and @PersiainPeckham – sadly we didn’t get around to doing that.   There are many cafes and restaurants to visit in Peckham.  We’d recommend a visit – nearest rail is Peckham Rye.  







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