Brixton Market’s new website: built with the community and ‘wired’ audience in mind

Brixton. It’s South London’s trendy hub for the eater-outers, the dance all-nighters and especially the market-goers. But the markets aren’t a new thing – they’ve been around for decades.
Traders started out by selling fruit and veg. But now they sell everything from clothes and furniture, to foods from around the world.
This August 2013 Brixton Market Traders Federation CIC launched their new website –
With its vibrant colours, African artwork samples and human language, the site fits in nicely with the foundations the market was built on – we’re talking about good, old-fashioned community spirit, with one ultimate aim: To make Brixton Market a better place to be;
The variety of stalls on Brixton Brixton Station Road  has a lot to do with its new found popularity of Brixton Market. With a different market theme each week, it attracts a wider demographic, and local businesses and community spirit is growing. But this didn’t happen overnight.
Things started changing a year ago when online activity increased. In just a year, Brixton Market’s Facebook followers jumped from 200 to 2,400. And their Twitter followers from 400 to 6,000, proving that these markets were starting to appeal to a new, more ‘wired’ audience.    Because of these figures, Camila Cabral, the marketing manager for Brixton Market, knew she had to update the website:
‘As soon as I saw those figures, I was blown away. And I asked myself ‘Why do people love it so much here?’ And it’s because of the community feeling that I just can’t describe.
In London people tend to keep themselves to themselves. So when you feel like you’re part of a community, it’s something special and you have to nurture it.
So, to help local businesses grow and bring even more people into Brixton, I did a marketing strategy for a new website. The Brixton Market team and traders threw in their ideas, too. And then I found a group of local creatives to do the website – they were all on the same page as me, so everything just worked.’
They’ve been working on the site for two months. And, because everyone believes in Brixton and this idea of giving back to the community, they all offered up their expertise for little or no money.
Now all that’s left to do is visit the website, watch the videos, say what you think in the comments box and share it with your friends:

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