Mimosa Deli Rejuvenates…


Following recent events in Herne Hill, here is an update from the team at Mimosa.

‘With more than a week passed since the previous Wednesday’s deluge, the clean-up operation is well underway. At a rather muddy and be-wellied meeting on Monday, the mood among Mimosa staff was still characteristically cheerful.  Jaws dropped as photos taken on the day of the devastation were circulated around the group, and as I poked my head into the basement, where flood water had lapped against the ceiling just days before, I was shocked by how much of the wreckage had already been cleared.

Undeniably the damage to the shop has been great, but as one member of staff pointed out, ‘we needed a new floor anyway!’, and this is very much the attitude with which we’re going ahead. For us this period will be a chance to rejuvenate the Herne Hill business, to build and improve upon what came before, and open in a few weeks time with renewed gusto!

And in case your stomach’s already rumbling, it should be noted that Mimosa’s shop in Vauxhall, and all outside catering services, continue as normal.

All the best and see you all soon,
Mimosa ‘

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