We want to help!

This week, Herne Hill, South East London suffered a flood which hit Half Moon Lane and the market area, due to a burst water main.   Fire crews and police were called, while local businesses, residents and community workers pulled together to return to a level of normality.

Residents and businesses will now be faced with costs associated with the flood damage.  The flood is set to total hundreds of thousands of pounds, and independents have been forced to shut up shop.

We can only start to imagine the scale of damage and the associated costs of this.  It’s been reported that this week’s flood will cost Thames Water and its insurers around £4 million.

We want to help and hold out a hand of support.

We can do this though physical help – #hernehillcleanup – we can also provide a platform for you to share you your news and developments over the coming weeks.

We have dedicated a page to the Herne Hill Community and the Herne Hill Clean Up.  Please feel free to comment on here, send us in your letters, stories, comments – good and bad – we can start the discussion online, share news, specific dates, and support the community here.

We hope to hear form you.

Love Herne Hill

Email:  lovehernehill at gmail.com


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