Herne Hill Flood: Thames Water and UK Power Networks Meeting Thursday 8th August

Last night, I attended the Thames Water and UK Power Networks Meeting at Baptist Church Hall, Half Moon Lane.  Local businesses, residents, supporters attended the meeting to get an update on the big clean up.   Herne Hill Society and Herne Hill Forum were also present.

Robert Holden, Herne Hill Forum spokesperson kindly allowed me to post his letter on the blog.

Dear Herne Hillian,

This afternoon Thames Water (TW) delivered a letter to local residents and traders about the flooding, and stuck copies of the letter on the noticeboard in Half Moon Lane (HML).  This evening Thames Water convened a meeting in the lobby of the Baptist Church in HML, in order to bring the local residents and traders up-to-date. The lobby was full, and the meeting was addressed by staff from TW, UK Power Networks (UKPN) and Southwark Council.


It was established that the night work had not disturbed people, and therefore that night work would continue in order to finish the repair more quickly.  In homes and shops, all electrical fittings that had been affected by water would have to be checked before power could be resumed, and all meters so affected would have to be changed.  Meters should be read and photographed before removal. There are three parties involved:  UKPN, the consumer and the consumer’s electricity supplier, and the relationship between each was explained.  Pumps were available, and possibly air blowers and humidifiers for drying-out.


Questions were asked about when the leak was first reported , and why it was not prioritised at the time. The system of prioritisation was explained.  The River Effra was mentioned, as was the last flood in the area in 2004.  For the disposal of rubbish and ruined stock, there would be skips and rubbish lorries on site tomorrow, with help to get large items such as white goods out of premises and into skips.  People were advised to photograph items, and not to throw anything away without the agreement of insurers or loss adjusters. Tessa Jowell had suggested a list of contacts and telephone numbers: this would be prepared, but in the meantime the best point of contact was TW on 0845 9200 800, selecting option one, then option four, quoting one’s address and reference number BB129652.

At present TW estimate that the road work will take around seven days to complete, but the restoration of the Half Moon Pub, cafes and shops could take considerably longer.

The meeting was successful in setting out the present situation and the immediate plans.

Robert Holden

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