The Youth Need You: Be a part of running children and youth services in Lambeth


I was recently contacted by Zoë Ansah, the Young Lambeth Cooperative (YLC) Project Support & Engagement Intern who was keen to tell me about the YLC and their summer plans.  I was all ears and I think you will be too…

The Young Lambeth Cooperative is being set up as part of Lambeth Council’s ambition to become a cooperative council. The YLC is a group of local adults and young people who have joined forces with the council to get the cooperative off the ground as a completely independent, community owned organisation.

The first of its kind anywhere, once in place the YLC will see its members deciding what play and youth services are provided in the borough.

So what does this mean for our future rulers?  Local people of all ages will come together to have more power and involvement in decisions previously taken by the council, about the running of play and youth services in the borough.  Take for example the one o’clock clubs, adventure playgrounds and youth clubs.

And what a great initiative this is.  A project that works towards a change in how these decisions are made, and decisions that in time will drastically improve the lives of children and young people has got my vote hands down!

Young people are the future, with their input and that of the community, they both know what they need better than anyone – the future is there to grab hold of and mould.


Get involved!

The ‘Young Lambeth Coop’ want to meet you this summer! They are launching the official registration at this years’ Lambeth Country Show  20th & 21st July 2013, Brockwell Park, Herne Hill SE24.  They will be hosting interactive entertainment at the Young Lambeth marquee Cultivate Zone, 11am – 6pm both days.

Head along to the show to find them and why not register whilst you’re there, there’s even free merchandise up for grabs!

This summer YLC will be out on the road around Lambeth – if you would like them to come to your community event or for any other information please email them at

Similarly, if you’d like to volunteer with them on their roadshow this summer (including the Country Show) please email them at

For more information please go to:

About YLC

The Young Lambeth Cooperative (YLC) has emerged as an innovative community-led entity for managing, commissioning and planning play and youth services in the borough.

Through engagement between the council and the community over the last 2 years, the YLC has developed a strategy on how play and youth services should be managed in the borough.

The formal membership will be launched in July 2013 and following council approval of funding, the YLC staff team will be appointed funding up to the value of £10 million for play and youth services, working towards transferring to community control through the YLC over the next three years, starting in January 2014.

The YLC has been registered as a community benefit society (May 2013).

Join the YLC today – YLC, your choice, your voice.

Find out more about Young Lambeth go to

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