@HomeCookingSE24 Bringing Italy to Herne Hill

Home Cooking

Last weekend I replied to a tweet sent by Italian home cooking and delivery company @HomeCookingSE24, looking for people to sample food from the new summer menu – I couldn’t say no.

On Sunday evening, I waited expectantly at home having already organised the delivery ‘drop’ with the owners Giuseppina and Toto.  When Toto arrived at the front door, he handed me a New York style brown paper bag containing two silver food parcels.  When I opened the parcels – still at a good temperature – I was pleasantly surprised.  The food was very well presented and smelt delicious.

There was definitely lots of pre-eating delight and food love happening!

The main course: The Vegetarian Lasagna, from the ‘Whats on This Month’s Mains’ menu.

Made from home-cooked Lasagna sheets, creamy Bechamel sauce, courgettes, asparagus, parmesan and cheddar.  The Lasgana was delicious and fulfilling.  The home-made Lasagna sheets were cooked perfectly; a thin, delicate layering of pasta love.  The asparagus was cooked al dente, the courgettes, a nice texture alongside the creamy Bechamel sauce, cheddar and parmesan mix.

Vegetarian Lasagna

Dessert: The Plum Tart

What a treat! The tart was expertly made, and had clearly travelled well on Toto’s moped!  The short crust pastry was perfectly symmetrical, the plums placed lovingly atop.  I did however have to give the tart a short burst in the oven, as by the time I’d taken a few photos and eaten the Lasagna, it had cooled slightly.

The short crust pastry crumbled in the mouth.  The plums, were light, sweet and delicate on the palate – an excellent combination.  I added a small dollop of Cornish ice-cream to the plate, scrumptious!

Custard and Plum Tart

Giuseppina has advised me that the plum tart on the current menu has a layer of delicious custard.

Custard and Plum Tart with home made ice cream

If you enjoy Italian food, and want to experience a real taste of ‘mamma’s home Italian cooking’ in the comfort of your own home, then do try Home Cooking SE24.

I urge you people of Herne Hill, get on Twitter @HomeCookingSE24 or pick up the phone 02076521794 and give Home Cooking SE24 a try.   They will send you What’s on This Month’s menu, believe me it looks delicious!


  • You can sign up to the newsletter here:  homecookingse24@gmail.com.  Every month you will receive an e-mail titled “What’s On This Month” with menu and prices attached
  • You will also find information about it on Twitter @HomeCookingSE24 and on Facebook HomeCookingSE24
  • Once you have chosen your favourite meal, contact them by phone on 02076521794


  • Both the Lasagna and Potato Gnocchi are fresh and home-made by using free range, locally sourced, eggs
  • They only deliver to addresses local to SE24 starting from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm
  • They take orders throughout the day, every-day (Monday excluded)
  • There is no minimum order value. There is no delivery charge. You will pay cash on delivery
  • Let them know if you have any special dietary requirements
  • They have no problem altering orders or taking special requests to keep you happy
  • The menus can be fully customised to suit your needs

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